Neuma Psychological Services, LLC

Neuma Psychological Services, LLC | Zach Meyer and Dr. Alicia Meyer, PsyD

Neuma Psychological Services, LLC is Dr. Alicia Meyer and Zach Meyer, two psychotherapists in private practice in Glendale, Wisconsin.

Welcome to Neuma!


Neuma is Dr. Alicia and Zachary Meyer, with almost 30 years combined clinical experience supporting others to make the changes they desire, and licensed as Professional Counselors in the state of Wisconsin since 2012.

Why Neuma?

People often come to therapy in crisis. At Neuma, we're experienced in helping clients navigate these challenging moments and return to their prior level of functioning. If your life has been disrupted by trauma, depression, anxiety, or other stressors, we are here to support you in a safe, nonjudgmental, therapeutic environment.

We also believe these crises moments usually point us to something deeper and more nuanced than the crises themselves. We believe in building the trusting relationship required for our clients to let us help them work on these deeper issues. This is the path to lasting change. If you're looking for more than just symptom relief, and you want to develop real self awareness and long-term changes, Neuma is probably a good fit for you.

How is Neuma different?

At Neuma, we're not simply trying to help our clients to not be sick, we want them to be well! This perspective challenges us to not only seek solutions to our clients' short-term concerns, but paths to long-term mental wellness that will improve their relationship with themselves, their loved ones, and the world.

Unfortunately, not everyone else sees mental health in this way. Specifically, health insurance providers, which subscribe to a medical model of health, only pay therapists to treat an illness, not for their members to become more healthy. Thus, Neuma does not participate as an in-network provider with any insurance panels. We want our clients to have the freedom to pick the treatment goals that matter to them, and we want the freedom to use our clinical skills to help them achieve those goals!