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Safe, open conversation is at the heart of what we do here at Neuma. We can’t work on it if we can’t talk about it. And every now and then, it becomes clear to us that a certain topic NEEDS to be talked about in our community. When that happens, we host a Let’s Talk seminar. We bring the information, skills, and tools you need, and you bring your questions for us to answer. After an hour, we’re all talking more openly and knowledgeably about something important. It’s awesome. On this page you can reserve a seat for an upcoming Let’s Talk and download audio from past seminars. Got an idea for a topic we should cover in the future? Let’s Talk!

Let's Talk About Teens and the Internet — August 16, 2019, 7PM

Let's Talk About Teens and the Internet — August 16, 2019, 7PM


Hey Parents of Teens! Do you know what your son’s Finsta is? Is your daughter being asked for nude pictures by classmates? By strangers? If you aren’t sure or you didn’t know you should worry about such things, then this seminar is for you. After years of clinical practice, it’s become clear to us that parents are pretty clueless about what their kids are actually doing online. And while the internet has brought a lot of good things, it has the potential to really get your kids into social, developmental, and legal trouble. We’re here to help! Come learn about how to maintain open communication and set healthy boundaries so you can keep your kids safe online.

This seminar will take place at Nicolet High School and last about 75 minutes with time for questions afterwards. Please register each individual planning to attend.

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